Simultaneous translation
Simultaneous translation - work with special equipment.

Translators work in the booth, and event participants hear the translation at the same time as the speaker's speech.

Simultaneous translation is done only in pairs, which ensures the proper quality of work without endangering the health of the translator from overvoltage.

A kind of simultaneous translation - joking - can be done using a radio guide. With this type of translation, a couple of translators also work.

Consecutive translation
Consecutive translation - work alone or in pairs depending on the complexity and duration of the event. The speaker pauses speech every few sentences for translation.

The complexity of information processing consecutive translation is no different from synchronous. The fundamental difference lies only in the memory functions involved:

During simultaneous translation, RAM operates at the highest frequency, providing simultaneous analysis of the incoming message and its translation into a language other than the original.

During the sequential translation, the function of storing information is turned on, since the translator waits for a pause of the speaker, the brain has conditionally a little more time to analyze and formulate a message in the target language.

Guides - translators
Are important guests or foreign partners coming to you? High-class guides-translators of the Trust Interpreting center will help them to get acquainted with the rich Russian culture, opera, ballet and all kinds of sights of Moscow.

Our employees are in love with their work and will help foreign guests discover interesting places, and you will organize the leisure of respected partners. We will also arrange a meeting of significant people and a transfer from the airport, staying in touch 24 hours a day on any day of the week.

High-quality sound not only provides free communication for event participants. It is also an indicator of the high level of the event itself.

Trust Interpreting offers the most advanced professional sound equipment to accompany your business event:
  • Sound transmission equipment;
  • Sound amplification systems;
  • Microphones and headsets;
  • Switching technology.
An important point is the high quality support of the entire complex. We will provide you with our experienced engineers who will deliver, install, establish, and then dismantle all the necessary equipment.

Our experts will select all the appropriate components to get high-quality sound at an event of any scale. Upon your request, we will provide additional services, when using which you will receive a discount:
  • Equipment for conferences;
  • Online voting systems;
  • Simultaneous interpreters;
  • Event preparation and administration
You can obtain detailed information on all the services you are interested in and their cost from your personal manager.
Shooting video, photo
Often during events of various kinds - seminars, symposia, conferences - audio and video recordings are carried out. Why is this needed?

There are several reasons:
1. Expanding the target audience: this helps to familiarize with the event materials a lot more people than can accommodate a standard conference room.
2. Analysis of all stages of the event, compliance with all the wishes of customers.
3. Promotion through the media: after the end of the project, it is important to talk about it, cause feedback from the participants, and it is beneficial to present your business.

Trust Interpreting specialists are highly professional in audio and video recording of any events. We competently approach the support of each project according to your needs. For this we have all the modern technical support.

We offer the services of only full-time employees with extensive experience in participating in large projects, therefore we are confident in the excellent result of their work.

Working with different formats of events, we invariably maintain the confidentiality of all working information. Therefore, we are trusted by the most serious companies.

Our consultant will give all the necessary information on the services and their cost, provide discounts and bonuses when ordering a package of offers.